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At Fashiontimes Co, we like to say we're obsessed with fashion. But today, what exactly does that mean? What in 2014 is the definition of fashion? Just a few years ago, whether you dressed in designer labels or adopted "street" style, it most likely referred to the clothes you wore. Trends in other design industries tended to follow the lead of the ready-to-wear designers.

However, in the late 1990s, Apple turned everything around when they introduced a colorful, translucent computer with an ergonomic shape. The introduction of the iMac was a eureka moment for me and other like-minded shoppers. It was the first realization that computers and other electronics didn't have to be beige and boring! It also started a consumer trend that can be traced to today.

Fashion in 2014 extends beyond clothes and accessories to include all aspects of your lifestyle including which phone and tablet you use, the blogs you read, your travel destinations, even your social media profile!

So if this sort of content sounds like something you'd enjoy, we hope you'll join us!

Best Wishes,
Jayne Mountford
President and Publisher


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